Dare to Dream

The Shalva Band performed on Season Six of The Rising Star in Israel. The winner of the reality TV contest represents Israel at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv (no pressure at all! 😊 ). The band were a firm favorite of judges and audiences alike and reached the finals. The judges, including singers Harel Skaat, Keren Peles, Static and Ben-El Tavori, Assaf Amdursky and Shiri Maimon, were clearly moved by the band and their individual stories.

Hundreds of thousands of people tuned into the popular broadcast to watch their performances. They received the highest of grades by judges and audience members alike, often 95% and up and clips of their performances went viral as they won the nation’s hearts.

The band respectfully withdrew from the competition at the final stage for reasons beyond their control. The Shalva Band made an unbelievable impact by their participation in the competition. They united a country, and world, in support of inclusion. They moved a world community to tears, performance after performance, who were rooting for them to succeed – and succeeded they did.

“Singing The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun,” the band, led by two female singers, advanced to the next round of the competition, with 91% approval from the judges.

Their performances changed how millions of people view and embrace disability. They strengthened children and families to believe in their amazing potential and have proven to the world that people deserve to be judged and celebrated for their abilities.

The Shalva Band Performed at Eurovision

We started out with a dream, and never did we dream that it would get us all the way to  Eurovision 2019 , with our own rendition of “A Million Dreams”. Our performance was broadcasted live and seen by 150,000,000 people around the world. On the largest stage in the world, surrounded by the greatest love of all, we gave our heart and soul. And we will continue, and we will never stop dreaming – with you – a million dreams.

“Lycanton Chorus” by the Shalva Band

Date of Broadcast: 02/02/2019

“True colors” by Shalva Band

Date of Broadcast: 02/02/2019

“I See Something Good Within You” by the Shalva Band

The Shalva Band performs their first original song. The song, written by Anael, documents her journey with disability and acceptance. They are singing how she ‘looks’ in the mirror and sees something good, something close, something worth loving.

Date of Broadcast: 28/01/2019

An Original Song by the Shalva Band

Watch the spellbinding performance of The Shalva Band performing an original song, "I See Something Good Within You".The song talks about Annael's journey with disability and how she 'looks' in the mirror and sees something good, something close, something worth loving. הכוכב הבא Eurovision 2019 - אירוויזיון 2019 Eurovision Song Contest 2019: Grand Final

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“In My Life” by Shalva Band with Harel Skaat

In this round, the band was asked to perform together with one of the judges, renowned Israeli pop star, Harel Skaat. Harel represented Israel at Eurovision 2010. He visited the Shalva National Center to practice their song and footage of his visit was shown during the broadcast.

Date of Broadcast: 26/01/2019

מילים מצליחות לחדור ללב ולקבל משמעות אחרת כל פעם מחדש.. תודה להקת שלווה על ביצוע מרגש מאד! ל#בחיי....

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“Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen

Date of Broadcast: 20/01/2019

“Other People’s Dreams” by Idan Raichel

In this round, the band were asked to perform together with another contestant, Ofri Kalfon.

Date of Broadcast: 19/01/2019

החברים מ״טדי״ שלחו לי את הביצוע הכי יפה אי פעם של ״חלומות של אחרים״ the most beautiful version for “other people’s dreams”. @mako@thenextstarisrael@keshet12@tedy_productions@shalvaband

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“The Sounds of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel

Date of Broadcast: 15/01/2019

Sounds of Silence by The Shalva Band

"The Sound of Silence" as you've never heard it before.Sung by The Shalva Band להקת שלוה on Israel's Rising Star, the band's ethereal performance won the hearts of the audience, judges and audiences at home.Listen to the full song and be transported to a land of possibilities.Footage courtesy of mako and הכוכב הבאSong and lyrics by Simon & Garfunkel

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“How Can I Not” by Jane Bordeaux

To watch a full version of this performance on Mako, CLICK HERE.

Date of Broadcast: 09/01/2019


להקת שלווה עושים את זה שוב והפעם כל הדרך לנבחרת! ❤ צפו בביצוע המלא Shalva National Children's Center

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Watch their debut performance, “Here Comes the Sun”

The band’s breakout performance caught an entire nation – and the world – by surprise. The various videos of the performance have been viewed over 2 million times.

Date of Broadcast: 24/11/2018

The Shalva Band Auditions for The Rising Star - with English Subtitles

Watch the entire broadcast of The Shalva Band להקת שלוה on Israel's The Rising Star. הכוכב הבא.Footage courtesy of mako

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